A Brief Intro to Bullshine: By Ken and Wayne

A Brief Intro to Bullshine: By Ken and Wayne

We have a family tradition. Beginning in the 1800's, our family was making hand crafted whiskies in the heart of Appalachia. Today, from our farm in West Virginia, we have resurrected the family tradition.

Crafting a smooth, flavorful whiskey is our passion. We are focused on producing a quality spirit that is enduring and transcends time, cultural, and economic divides.

We craft our spirits using 100% grains from local Maryland and Virginia farms and only use all natural flavors.  Our mission is simple: we are driven to create nothing less than the best whiskey.

You may be wondering how the Bullshine Distillery began. We have been friends for about 14 years. One night a few years back, Ken, who had recently bought a farm in West Virginia, came to a surprise birthday party for me. There was some drinkin' going on and someone brought some moonshine to the party. We both tasted the shine and said we can do better than this! We now had a farm and a mission. It was a lot of work but also the best job we ever had. 

How did we come up with the name Bullshine? We were with a good friend of ours (we will call him Jon to protect the innocent) and he was telling us about a time he was out hunting and shot a deer. The only problem was that deer had a big bull for a friend who was nearby. As he was trying to drag the deer back to his truck, the bull gave chase. He said he was just able to make it over a fence before the bull was nose to nose with him just on the other side, all the while he was still holding onto this deer as the bull was chasing him. Thinking the story was too insane to be true and having a few ladies nearby, Ken said, "that sounds like bullshine to me." The rest is history.

To wrap it all up, we’re big fans of a good whiskey and even bigger fans of doing it right ourselves.

 Let’s see if you agree!