Our Story

We are focused on producing a quality spirit. We believe quality is enduring and transcends time, culture and economic divides. Sometimes quality is driven by meticulous control over the environment. It can be driven by a passion for creating nothing less than the best. It can even be considered an art. In our case, it's all three. There are a few key steps to producing a smooth and flavorful whiskey. Starting out with the best ingredients and using a 100% grain bill to create our mash is ingrained in us (pun intended). Next comes the science. Temperature, from the mashing process, through fermentation and distillation, will have a profound effect on the profile of the spirit. This is why we closely monitor temperature throughout the process and make our cuts at very precise times. But our passion for what we do is what puts the art into crafting a smooth and flavorful whiskey.

Our Passion

Crafting a smooth, flavorful whiskey is our passion. We are focused on producing a quality spirit that is enduring and transcends time, culture and economic divides.

You may be wondering how the Bullshine Distillery began. Wayne and Kendal have been friends for about 14 years. One night a few years back, Ken, who had recently bought a farm in West Virginia, came to a surprise birthday party for Wayne. There was some drinkin' going on and someone brought some moonshine to the party. We both tasted the shine and said we can do better than this!

We now had a farm and a mission. It was a lot of work but also the best job we ever had. How did we come up with the name Bullshine? We're glad you asked. We were with a good friend of ours, we will call him Jon to protect the innocent, and he was telling us about a time he was out hunting and shot a deer. The only problem was that deer had a big bull for a friend who was nearby. As he was trying to drag the deer back to his truck, the bull gave chase. He said he was just able to make it over a fence before the bull was nose to nose with him just on the other side, all the while he was still holding onto this deer as the bull was chasing him. Thinking the story was too insane to be true and having a few ladies nearby, Ken said, "that sounds like Bullshine to me." The rest is history.

Now, it all makes sense.

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Wayne Kramer & Ken Sheets

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