When Ken and Wayne started Bullshine, they had no idea how quickly their business and passion for making whiskey would grow. 

"We drew from our backgrounds in business, science, and law and ventured out to create an inspiring line of whiskies. We thought the flavored whiskey market was under-represented. The goal wasn't just to create another product, but another category of products at a level that no one has done before. Something that didn't exist but that we knew would quickly grow in demand.
Good whiskey should transcend time, culture and economic divides. We think we've achieved our goal. We hope you agree."

Ken Sheets

Co-Founder of Bullshine Distillery

Wayne Kramer

Co-Founder of Bullshine Distillery

we have a family tradition

Beginning in the 1800s, our family was making handcrafted whiskies in the heart of Appalachia. Today, from our farm in West Virginia, we have resurrected the family tradition.

Like settlers in all lands, a man's got to do what he needs to for him and his family to survive. Sometimes that may include actions that the law looks down upon. Since survival is a game where the only option is winning, we're glad our grandfathers were born winners. Today their spirits, quite literally, live on in their recipes that have been passed down in our families for generations.
We are happy to share what our family has enjoyed with you, our extended family. so have a little Bullshine, because even when the sun is not bright, the bull still shines.

Charge on!


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